#HomeDecor: 3 Ways to transform an old sofa!


By Monique Warner

Before you’re tempted to put a new sofa on your credit card, there are three ways to transform that old sofa and make it work in your lounge (while you save up for a new one).

1. Quick and easy

Measure your sofa and, depending on the size, look for a double, queen or king-sized bed throw or quilt. Make sure the throw or quilt is machine washable and have fun playing with colour and pattern. If you prefer to play it safe, stick to a neutral coloured throw so that it can be used in any bedroom once you’ve bought a new sofa.

To keep a throw in place, tuck, knot or pin excess fabric around the sofa’s base.

2. The tailored look

If the sofa has a great shape, the foam is still firm and you need it to last a few more years, consider getting it reupholstered or have a slipcover made.

If you go the slipcover route, pick a durable, neutral-coloured, wrinkle-resistant fabric that is machine washable.

3. A pop of colour

If your sofa isn’t as tatty as it is bland and boring, simply add pops of fresh colour with scatter cushions. This is a fast and cost-effective option, particularly if you shop for good deals, that quickly detracts from a not-so-hot sofa.

If you have the time, you could save even more money and create a unique look by making your own new cushion covers. A no-sew option is to paint gorgeous stencil designs onto existing plain scatter cushions. If you have a sewing machine and a few old pairs of jeans, give them new life by turning those trousers into stylish denim cushion covers

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