Remembering legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi

The Afropop legend from Zimbabwe, Oliver Mtukudzi, has died at the age of 66-years-old.

According to TimesLive, Mtukudzi’s record label Gallo Records confirmed the news on Wednesday afternoon but said there were no details available. Mtukudzi, also known as “Tuku” (short for Mtukudzi) is a singer-songwriter, actor, writer, film director, entrepreneur, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Children.

In 2015, Mtukudzi and the band, The Black Spirits, headlined the 7th edition of The Koroga Festival. The legend’s contagious vocals and sense of dynamics captivated the surging audience. The Afropop legend from Zimbabwe really seemed to be up to something bigger than music – older, and deeper. The crowd surrounded the front of the stage as Mtukudzi effortlessly played his guitar with so much care and attention that the cheering seemed to fall silent and that your heart rate slowed. When The Black Spirits played the familiar melody of “Todii,” the crowd erupted as festival-goers jumped to their feet and danced along.

“It feels great to be African,” Mtukudzi said with his familiar husky voice to endless cheers, the band’s volume rose slowly until the sound was loud and enveloping. The energy at that edition of Koroga Festival was all-consuming.

Watch below:

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