27 Truths About Communication in Your Relationship/Marriage


1. No relationship/marriage can be sustained without good communication.

2. There are two types of communication: Good communication and bad communication. You may be communicating, but are you communicating well?

3. Communication has two goals: To be understood and to be on the same page. Teamwork needs proper communication.

4. Communication can be improved. You can better your relationship/marriage.

5. You can inspire your spouse/partner to better communicate with you by being good at communication. Be friendly. Yes, there are marriages where the two are husband and wife but are not friends. This shouldn’t be.

6. It is not just about what you say but also how you say it. Check your tone of voice and facial expression if they communicate love.

7. Kissing brings about intimate conversations. Kiss more.

8. You know your marriage needs work when the majority of what you talk about is children and responsibilities other than of each other and your love. Bring back your love into the agenda.

couple arguing

9. Sometimes your spouse/partner will open up to you, not because he/she wants advice from you, but because he/she just wants to be heard. You don’t have to advice or solve problems every time. Sometimes the best thing to do is to listen.

10. There are things about your spouse/partner you will never know unless you ask. Learn to ask the right questions.

11. There are conversations you two will not have unless you invest ample time in each other. Communication becomes shallow when time spent is rushed or brief. Make time to just be around each other and naturally you two will open up.

12. How you handle the sensitive, painful, private and not so pleasant secrets your spouse/partner reveals to you, will determine if he/she will reveal some more to you.

13. Never get tired of exploring each other. There is always something to discover even after being married for many years.

14. If your spouse/partner is feeling misunderstood then you have failed.

15. Start each day right. With a smile, warm words, a blessing. Don’t expect the day to go well if you don’t start right?

16. Connecting deeper with another person is emotionally cheating. Don’t be unfaithful.


17. A healthy sex life boosts communication. Make love more in your marriage.

18. Ladies, it is not the role of the man alone to start a conversation.

19. Women love to talk. It is not that they yap for no reason but that talking is a fruit of true companionship.

20. Men love to talk too. All a man needs is an environment of peace, warmth, maturity, fun and his wife/woman to stimulate him intellectually.

21. Ladies, if you want him to open up to you more, don’t push him. Be is buddy. Don’t take things too seriously. Demonstrate to him how to do it by opening up to him. Show him you need him. A man who feels needed and welcomed lets down his guard.

22. Gentlemen, if she nags that means she feels ignored, frustrated and avoided. You have made her feel that way. Feed her love and she will nag less.

23. Two people in a relationship/marriage can look at the same thing differently. Don’t assume you both are on the same page. Talk things out.

24. It is normal for you two to disagree. Respect each other’s view point.

25. Giving silent treatment when your spouse/partner wrongs you damages communication. Keep the communication going even when in the middle of a storm. The more you damage communication, the more you two will get used to being apart, the harder it will be to reconcile.


26. Communication is dependent on mood. Set the mood conducive for deep talks. Go out on dates. Plan a picnic. Have a candle light dinner.

27.When your spouse/partner talks, give him/her eye contact.

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