Lies people tell when having an affair


1. “Everyone is doing it”

No! Not everyone is having an affair. There is a huge percentage of faithful lovers you just choose to ignore that percentage to justify your selfish ways.

2. “We’ll use protection”

Protection is more than using a condom. Protection is guarding your partner from the pain of your unfaithfulness, guarding what is between your legs because it belongs to one alone.

3. “One last time”

Only jokers use this line. If you really wanted to stop cheating you would not ask to do the crime one last time. Like any addiction, “One last time” leads to another “One last time”

4. “I will sex you better than your partner”

Sex is not a competition. If someone comes to rubbish your partner and how boring your sex life is with your partner and bragging about how great his/ her sex can be; you’d be a fool to fall for that lie. You are with your partner for more than sex, right? If you find your partner boring then work on spicing up your love, not joining hands with an outsider who might sex you good then get tired of you and use the same line on the next fool.

5. “My partner is too far and I have needs”

If you can’t handle a long distance relationship end it. Don’t use it as an excuse cheating on your distant partner who is saving all his/ her love for you. You can’t have it both ways.


6. “No one will know”

Cheating comes out in the open eventually. Even if it won’t your conscience and God will know and your integrity and character will rot away as a consequence.

7. “My partner and I have problems”

Stop being a coward, an escapist and an opportunist. If you and your partner have issues solve them, don’t hide between an outsider’s legs who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

8. “My partner is cheating”

Immature people play tit for tat with sex. If your partner is unfaithful confront him/ her, demand change or walk away. Don’t sin because your partner sins, don’t stoop low because your partner does. You are responsible for you.

9. “Blame it on the alcohol”

Alcohol only brings out what we desire and think. If you end up cheating because you are drunk, the alcohol only fanned your inner evil fire.

10. “Every man must have a side dish”

No! Being a man is not thinking with your penis but your mind and heart. Real men don’t view women’s legs as goal posts to score, they don’t view women as sex trophies. Real men are men of honor, they have integrity, loving that one woman and staying true to their vows.

11. “Every young lady sleeps around to get on top”

No University student, no young lady trying to make it in your career; you can excel and rise to the top using your brilliance, talent and brains; not by being on top of men. You are better than this.

12. “I had no other choice”

You always have a right and wrong choice; the wrong choice is only easier. Do you have the greatness and guts to do what’s right?

13. “The temptation was too sweet to pass”

You will be tempted so many times. There will be that sexy woman or man who catches your attention especially when things are shaky between you and your partner. But every temptation can be defeated. Faithfulness is a choice, to cheat is also a choice.

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