Gabrielle Union hails Dwyane Wade as a fashion trendsetter

Hollywood star Gabrielle Union has hailed her husband Dwyane Wade, saying he is responsible for the bedazzling trend.

The 45-year-old actress – who married the American basketball star in 2014 – has revealed how her husband’s fashion sense has evolved over the years she’s known him, saying he’s actually something of a trendsetter.

Speaking about Dwayne’s outfit choices, she told E! News: “I can take zero credit for that.

“That is his stylist. When I met him, he was wearing baggy T-shirts and bedazzled jeans. I don’t think Taylor Swift started bedazzling. I think my husband did.”

Similarly, Gabrielle’s style taste has also evolved markedly over the years, with the star admitting she’s gone from someone who was happy to wear whatever was “laid out” for her to being very fashion-conscious.

She confessed: “Before I [was] putting on what was laid out for me.”

Meanwhile, Gabrielle recently revealed her ambition is to “uplift and inspire” women by posting one thoughtful post a week on her Instagram account.

The Hollywood star intends to use her Woman Crush Wednesday series to praise one “dope woman” every week, saying she wants to fight back against online trolls.

She said: “You see so many people committed, like they commit time to trolling and making people feel like crap, and I just wanted to do the opposite. There are so many dope women that are in my life, so many dope women that I’ve come across.”

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star believes her posts are the “bare minimum” when it comes to her stance as a feminist, and says it’s the “least she can do” in her role as an “advocate for women”.

She added: “If I can’t use my social media to amplify, uplift, inspire one woman a week, I mean, I can’t call myself a feminist. I can’t call myself an advocate for women.

“I mean like, if I can’t do that once a week? That’s the bare minimum! To me, that’s the least I can do.”

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