Test tube beefburgers on sale by 2021

Beefburgers made from cells in a dish will go on sale by 2021.

In what will be a moral dilemma for vegetarians and vegans, the first “clean meat” – no animals will die to make the Mosa Meat burgers – will be available for purchase, having been grown in a laboratory.

The products will be much better for the environment, and a Dutch company plans to move ahead with its plans.

The firm presented the world’s first lab-grown beefburger in 2013, and it has now received £6.7 million to run with its goal of making and selling artificially grown meat to restaurants from 2021.

From the launch, the company wants to achieve industrial scale production within two to three years, with the cost of a typical hamburger coming in at around one dollar.

To make the burgers, Mosa Meat uses a small sample of cells from a live animal, and feeds them with nutrients to help them grow into stands of muscle tissue.

It’s claimed they could make 80,000 quarter pounders from just one single sample.

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