Holding Pee in and other Daily Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

We all know what Kidneys are, right? They are those two very important bean-shaped organs that filter toxins and excess water from our body and are located against the back muscles in the upper abdominal cavity, one on each side of the spine.

In worst case scenario we should have at least one healthy kidney functioning properly.

Our Kidneys health really matters and we MUST take care of them. You are bound to have some major regrets if you don’t make an effort of taking care of your kidneys.

Here are 8 daily habits that damage your kidneys

1.Excessive consumption of Caffeine

Eating too much Caffeine-containing foods like chocolate or caffeine-containing drinks like coffee, energy drinks and soft drinks can cause high blood pressure (HBP) which in turn will put a strain on your kidneys and of course lead to kidney failure over time.

2. Excessive consumption of alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin which puts a lot of stress on our kidneys and liver. When consumed in high amounts, alcohol causes Uric acid to be deposited in the renal tubules which then leads to tubular obstruction which increases the risk of kidney failure.

3. Insufficient water intake

If you do not drink enough water in a day you are putting your kidneys at risk. The Kidneys’ main function is to drain out metabolic waste from our system as well as balance the erythrocytes in our bodies. By not drinking enough water, your kidneys will have a hard time performing these functions plus your body will just accumulate toxins.

4. Keeping your bladder full for a prolonged time

You know what’s highly recommended? Urinating at the right time! The minute you feel like relieving your bladder, go for it! This will help maintain kidney health majorly. Holding your pee in for long periods of time may lead to complications like hydronephrosis which is the increase of urine pressure in the kidneys . This can easily lead to back pressure on the kidneys and also result in renal failure.

5. Smoking

Any form of smoking will increase blood pressure and heart rate. Smoking also reduces blood flow and narrows the blood vessels in the kidneys. This could actually accelerate the damage of your kidneys and worsen pre-existing kidney diseases.

6. High Sodium consumption

Majority of the sodium we consume (especially from salt intake) needs to be expelled from our bodies. When sodium is consumed in excess amounts, it puts stress on our kidneys which forces our kidneys to overwork themselves.

7. over-dependence on painkillers

Taking painkillers all the time even for low-grade pain is not good for your kidneys. For instance, taking pain killers on a regular basis will reduce blood and this in turn will deteriorate the functioning of the kidneys.

8. A diet high in protein

Proteins are good for our health but they should not be consumed in excess. Too much protein increases metabolic loads which can damage your kidneys in the long run.

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