How Your Actions Influence Your Partner

1. When you stop telling your spouse “I love you”, your spouse will start to tell you “I love you” less or stop it all together.

2. When you stop complimenting your wife on how she looks, she will lack motivation to dress up for you.

3. When you use what your spouse confides in you to attack your spouse, your spouse will open up to you less.

4. When you appreciate the good your spouse does, your spouse will do more good.

5. When your husband makes sexual moves on you but you look not interested, your husband will desire you less.

6. When you ask your spouse to pray for you often, your spouse will naturally grow in God and the prayer life in your marriage will grow.

7. When you make your wife feel ignored and don’t listen to her, your wife will begin to nag.

8. When you treat your wife like a Queen and treat her special, she will go out of her way to please you.

9. When you complain too much and critic your husband a lot, your husband will start coming home late and avoid you.

10. When you give your spouse sexual pleasure and do all you can to make sweet love to your spouse, your spouse will desire you more.

11. When sex becomes only about you and you ask for sex yet you treat your spouse poorly, your spouse will find sex boring.

12. When you ask for your spouse’s opinion, your spouse will be there for you more.

13. When you show your spouse you don’t need him/her, your spouse will keep a distance from you.

14. When you appreciate your wife’s cooking, she will cook for you with love.

15. When you become too secretive, your spouse will start investigating you and snooping.

16. When you constantly suspect your spouse for no reason, your spouse will be fed up with you.

17. When you stop asking your spouse how his/her day has been, your spouse will not bother to share things with you.

18. When you touch and kiss your spouse more, your spouse will love being close to you and be comfortable with you.

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