New French Press promises to brew grit-free coffee

A new KickStarter project promises to reinvent the classic French Press. The team behind Osaka launched their latest Kickstarter campaign, for a new French Press that gives consumers total control over their coffee.

What sets Osaka apart from other French Presses is its stainless-steel mesh filter that creates an even, and controlled, extraction. This innovative French Press provides coffee drinkers with grind-free coffee or tea that is consistently brewed to each individual’s preference. Osaka features an adjustable airlock for slow or fast brewing, preventing excess coffee grounds from seeping into the beverage, which allows coffee drinkers to create a light, medium, or dark brew.

Osaka’s exterior is incredibly unique. Its handblown borosilicate glass body is designed to resist shattering from thermal shock, while its silicone base gives it a non-slip grip, and comes in silver, rose gold and matte black. Additionally, this French Press is odor-resistant and won’t absorb any chemicals.

With a funding goal of $50,000, so far, the French Press has seen support from nearly 160 backers with 24 days remaining in the crowdfunding campaign. The French press is expected to be delivered to backers in February 2018.

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