BOO! Halloween makeup tutorials that are worth a try!

If you happen to love experimenting with makeup then it’s quite likely that Halloween is your favourite time of year. Eyebrows that were previously once defined now magically disappear; coloured body paints come out of the woodwork and suddenly grey is an acceptable colour to use in reference to your contour.

Whereas ‘natural’, ‘glowing’ and ‘glamorous’ are the adjectives used to describe makeup looks through the rest of the year, this is the season where ‘spooky’, ‘sickly’ and ‘sinister’ come into play.

It’s a great time to really delve into the world of makeup artistry while having fun!

And whereas Kenyans aren’t really known for celebrating this spooky holiday, there may be a party or two where this may be the perfect look. We’ve rounded up some of the Halloween makeup looks making the rounds this year that are worth considering for your Halloween party!

Who said skulls have to be cracked and dry? If you still like looking dewy (even at Halloween) then this simple tutorial is worth a shot.

This is quite likely the easiest tutorial to recreate from the batch we’ve shared given that you probably already own these colours/products in your makeup collection, albeit different brands.

If you want a pop of colour, this one’s for you.  And if you happen to just enjoying watching spooky makeup tutorials, this one will probably be pretty satisfying to see!

You didn’t think we’d leave out the men, did you? If you’ve ever wanted to be Superman, now is your chance.

It may require you sitting down for a while but the results are amazing!

If you still want to have some glam aspects to your spooky look, this will probably tickle your fancy.

For those who aren’t into skulls or skeletons, then Cleopatra should do the trick.

Finishing this list off with a throwback to one of last year’s most popular Halloween tutorials. The result was so beautifully dramatic and shows the true power of makeup.

Good luck!

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