6 Ways to Bang a Bargain this Easter

If the sun, sea and sand is what you envision for this Easter four-day weekend; then you have a fortnight to ensure that every dream you catch comes at the best price possible, complete with extra toppings of freebies and post-holiday blues special pack! If you have not placed your booking yet for hotels, flights and other necessities, or probably are yet to settle on the destination of your escapade, then these tips from Jumia Travel advisors will come in handy.

#1 If on tight specifics, book early!

Most hotels, as well as holiday providers are already painting their and other towns with the colors of their Easter offers. A glimpse of my social media notifications and push messages quickly lists down unbeatable season offers to destinations such as Diani, Amboseli, Zanzibar among others. Unknown to many, most of these offers are not eternal as most companies will already have capped a number at which they achieve their targets. It’s time to make up your mind, and lock the date!

#2 The spontaneous type? Close fingers for last minute offers

Whether a last minute by design or the kind who can never pass a good opportunity to explore; a simple click on a mobile app could carry you to the laps of luxury without inflicting pain on your bank balance. The secret to this bargain is getting yourself familiar with websites which offer last minute deals, and taking time to compare the rates. Also, ensure to read the fine print and look out for any extra costs such as taxes and service fees. One last trick, always take a last look at the hotel’s website before you finally place your booking; last minute deals are bound to change any time, and might even land yourself a better late from a direct booking.

#3 Hello Tuesday, bye Thursday for the fairest flight ticket!

History, Math, and Art point to the fact that the best days to grab a bargain off your flight fare is early morning Tuesday, going Wednesday; by Thursday, Lady Luck’s smile starts to fade off. Logically, business and corporate travel tends to slow down through mid-week, thereby explaining this trend. On the other hand, most weekend getaways will be scheduled from late night Thursday, get heavier through Friday night and tone down by Monday evening, again, explaining the relation. If you can adjust your travel dates, then you will save a few pounds.

#4 Cash on your airline miles

Unknown to many, some air providers allow non-flight awards for redemption of accumulated miles. This could be in form of hotel nights and vacation stays in agreed destinations, car rentals, and tour package fees among others. If you are low on cash but high up on miles you reckon won’t be needed soon, then the next sure step is to contact your provider and inquire on the list of things you barter for your efforts!

#5 Get on the exclusive ‘Members Only” list

Ole Sereni has it, and so does world’s luxury brand Intercontinental. This allows you to get all the trappings of a good life, such as free hotel nights, easy room upgrades, high tea invites, subsidized gym membership and so forth. The best bit about this is that you are not too late; just pick on the hotel of your choice, find out what their membership subscription entails and if it fits your needs, check it off.

#6 Stay on top of the news!

Got a target? Sign up for their weekly newsletter today, follow them on their social media, and if this does not bear you fruits in terms of firsthand information on deals and bargains, then lift the phone and make that dollar-saving call! For instance, imagine what you could get out of Jumia Travel’s more than 300,000 hotels, for simply keeping up with their Twitter page? Interesting enough, the quiz below points to a Kshs 1 hotel night on offer, while on the same page, you find a half price voucher codes for super Easter stays!