#TrendAlert: Shrobing. Because who wants to fully commit to a jacket? 

I get it. Commitment is a really scary thing.

I just recently walked down the isle and in front of my friends and family, committed to spending the rest of my life with my dear husband.

You’ve got to be sure whether you’re in or you’re out and the same goes for bank loans, having kids, investing in the latest channel bag and even getting bangs. There’s no room for doubt here ladies and gents.

Which brings me to the latest trend. Shrobing.

Understanding Shrobing, i.e., shoulder-robing

This trend pretty much embodies everything that is the opposite of commitment.

As Vogue described it, shrobing is the “contrast of wearing ordinary outerwear as though it was an exotic opera coat.”

Sort of like allowing a beautifully structured coat to rest on your shoulders only this time it’s a bomber jacket or oversized wool coat casually draped off your shoulders. It’s cool, unruffled and the ultimate street-style statement.

To be honest, it kind of looks silly. I mean, if you’re going to commit to a jacket, why not go all the way?

But at the same time, it’s got this non-chalant, f*** you declaration to it that you can’t quite ignore.

I guess that’s what makes fashion so enthralling. Rules are meant to broken; and when it comes to shrobing, broken they are.

Street Style Shrobing Insipiration

They key here is to make sure that the coat you choose has some fluidity to it. The more structured the coat, the less likely you can have one sleeve (or both, if you’re being super daring) hanging loosely mid-arm.

If you’re thinking of trying out this trend, here are some pics for inspiration!

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