20 Creative ways a man can propose to his woman

Wondering how to propose to the love of your life? Wonder no more because Dayan Masinde unleashes a couple of fresh ways you can do just that and make your sweetie the happiest lass in the world while you are at it.


1. “The darkness option”

When you’re both together at night, plan the surprise. In a room she is bound to go in, go there before her and get down on one knee so that when she turns on the lights she will find you with a ring proposing to her.

2. “The hot air balloon option”

On a safari, there up in the air. Look into her eyes away from the rest of the world and ask her, “With you I want to go to greater heights, will you marry me?”

3. “The newspaper option”

Buy a full page, half page or quarter page advert space on the leading newspaper; there post an advert which has a photo of you two with your name asking her name “Will you marry me?” But only go this public way if you are sure she will say yes and she doesn’t mind public drama.

4. “The music option”

At a concert or karaoke, get the band to sing a love song ( her favorite love song) or if you think you can sing, sing her a love song then pop the question in the presence of the cheering audience.

5. “The kiddish option”

If you are dating a single mother and you love her and want to marry her, work with her child/ children. Get her child/ children to read out a brief letter explaining how much you love her as you and her sit and listen. Then the child reveals you have something to say and you ask the big question or the child says “Mum, our soon to be dad is asking, will you marry him?”Supermodel-Quiana-Grant-fake-photoshoot-marriage-proposal

6. “The kidnap option”

Get some friends, they wear masks and kidnap her even if she screams. Then the friends lead her to you where you have a table for two set in a beautiful ambiance for a romantic dinner to make your proposal. Hope she likes adventure.

7. “The employee in trouble option”

Collaborate with her boss if she is employed. The boss puts undue pressure on her for days, falsely accusing her of laxity or misconduct and calls her to the office of the boss at a specific time, by now she will be panicking. As she walks in the office of the boss, let her find you, ready to propose.

8. “The half time option”

If she is a sports fan, ask the administration of the games during a match to give you a chance to propose at half time before the fans.

9. “The streets option”

In the middle of the streets, do something dramatic, cause a scene as you unashamedly propose to her on one knee.

10. “The Skype option”

If you two are separated by distance and sure of a future together and don’t see a reason to wait any longer. Send the engagement ring to a female friend of hers via courier and ask the friend to go see her at a specific time. At that specific time, skype your lover and propose to her on video call to be your wife, the friend gives the ring at this time.

11. “The presentation option”

If you two work together, you own a company. Call for a meeting where you are expected to present on official matters but you actually make a presentation on a case as to why you two should build a life together then propose for marriage.

12. “The wake up surprise option”

On a night she is really tired, when she is asleep, leave the engagement ring and a card next to her in bed. So that she wakes up to the card that reads, “I want to wake up each morning to your face, will you marry me?”

13. “The biography book option”

Collect photos of you two and messages you two exchanged and compile then in a book telling your love story. She will be touched as she goes through the book from the first page. Page by page, look at her smiling until she reaches the middle page of the book where she finds the words, “Will you marry me?”. The last half should be empty for you two to fill with photos of you two from now on as husband and wife to be.

14. “The cinema option”

Take her out on a movie date to watch a movie she loves. Work with the administration to display a photo or video of you two on the big screen with the words, “Continue this sequel of our love, will you marry me”

15. “The scrabble option”

If she loves playing scrabble, physical scrabble not digital; one day as you play, on the board, arrange the letter blocks to read “Will you marry me?” and place the ring on the board… on the side of the board, place the letters Y N E O and S for her to give one of the two answers.

16. “The beach option”

As you two stroll at the beach, on the sand, scribble the words, “Will you marry me?” showing her the ring.

17. “The tragedy option”

Pretend something bad has happened to you; fake a faint, send a false report that you’ve been sick or jailed. When she gets to you scared, propose to her and brighten up her mood.

18. “The welcome home option”

Go to her house before she comes home from work. She opens the door and sees big letters on the floor asking, “Will you marry me?” she finds you at the end of those big letters waiting for her answer.

19. “The goodbye option”

When either of you is about to fly out of the country for work or studies, there at the airport propose to her so that as you will be physically apart for awhile you will be an engaged couple.

20. “The parents option”

In a family gathering especially her family, being sure you are close with her parents and have her parent’s blessing; get down on one knee and propose as a sign of respect to the people who raised up the woman you now want to marry.

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