Lewa Wildlife Conservancy partners with Virry app for LIVE wildlife experiences

virry kenya lewa

Starting later this year children and parents using the Virry app will have real-time access to view the behaviours and interactions between Lewa’s endangered wildlife.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the world-renowned catalyst for community conservation in northern Kenya and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Virry, the BAFTA award winning wildlife app, are pleased to announce their new partnership, bringing unprecedented exposure to endangered African wildlife, to be included on the Virry platform.

Lewa is home to 13% of Kenya’s rhino population and is a key habitat for more than 6,500 migrating elephants in northern Kenya. Not to mention dozens of other charismatic mega-fauna like giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah and buffalo.

Virry already has 75,000 users around the world and this new partnership with Lewa will further enhance the virtual reality experience available to children and parents using the app. Through high definition live footage, users of the Virry app will have the opportunity to learn more about East Africa’s striking wildlife, while the animals reside in their native habitat.


Virry offers endless hours of animal entertainment and learning in three forms:

  1. Unprecedented and immersive live-streaming technology gives young children real-time access to their favourite wild animals and their actual behaviours in one of the world’s most advanced and animal-friendly zoos.
  2. Interactive videos help children practice life skills such as impulse control, creativity, reasoning, and problem solving by virtually engaging with their favourite animals in fun mini-games.
  3. Extensive video playlistsfollow emotional threads to connect different animals and their behaviours and promote empathy and understanding in an entertaining way.
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