Expert Advice: Pre-wax etiquette – what to do and what not to do

bikini wax
For those who are yet to pay a visit to the spa for their very first Brazilian or bikini wax, the thought of it all can be quite daunting.
Not only do you have to deal with the initial awkwardness of someone grooming your pubic hair, but you also need to deal with the pain without squealing with every strip. And all the while keeping in mind that certain housekeeping rules apply beforehand.
Let’s be honest here, your first waxing experience isn’t all that fun but it does get easier once you know what to expect and how to prepare.
Yvonne, a Beauty Therapist from Aromatics Spa who’s been dealing with hair removal for years now and someone I’ve come to admire for her professionalism, shared some tips that should help any first timers.
Take a shower 
Not that you need a reminder but this will leave you feeling a little less self conscious during the whole process plus it will make it more comfortable for your beautician too. It’s also advisable not to get a wax during your period or 3 days before/after because your skin tends to be extra sensitive around that time which would make the whole ordeal less bearable.
Forget the moisturiser
This might interfere with how well the wax sets on your skin so skip on the moisturiser that day. The less your beautician has to go over a certain spot to get all the hair out, the better.
Come in loose clothing
Your skin may be a little sensitive after so consider coming in something more flowy to allow your skin to breathe. Nothing too coarse.
bikini wax 2
Don’t shave! 
You may think it’s going to make the process easier for your beauty therapist but it will actually complicate things. It’s much harder for the wax to grab onto your hair if you’ve shaved (it needs to be 1/4 inches long). In fact, leave it to your waxer to decide if you hair needs a little trimming before the wax and they’ll happily do it for you.
Remember, we’re professionals! 
Don’t worry about what your waxer is thinking. They might ask you to move into awkward positions or spread a little (yes, it does get super personal!) in order to get all the hair out and the faster you realise that this is their professional space, the easier it will get for you.
And there you have it! Happy waxing ladies (and gents).
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