#RestaurantReview: Nairobi’s 360 Degrees Pizza does brunch


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Do you need to be Italian to cook great Italian-inspired food? The answer is no. But it’s not a bad idea to apprentice under Enzo Coccia, a master pizzaiolo in Napoli, Italy either – that’s what 360 Degrees Pizza’s head pizzaiolo, Gilbert Ngigi, 27, did for a month.

Ngigi, who started as a waiter at Java, has worked his way up in the food-service industry and has finally found his passion – pizzas. If his pizzas aren’t enough of an indication of his passion and dedication for the craft, then a conversation of his different dough recipes will be.

“I have about eight recipes. Depending on the humidity and the time of year, I use a different one.”

Depending on the humidity, the amount of water that’s needed in the dough can change. Is the dough rising too fast or slow? What’s the moisture content? Is the dough becoming more rubber-bandy? All pertinent questions, but probably for many, will never matter unless you’re passionate and dedicated to your discipline like this rising Kenyan pizzaiolo much like the loyal staff at 360 Degrees Pizza, which has virtually almost a zero staff turnover. And it’s this dedication and passion that has amassed a devout following for 360 Degrees Pizza’s Italian-American offering.

360 Degrees Pizza is located at ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Reliably one of the most consistent restaurants in Nairobi, 360 Degrees Pizza has found much success in its Italian-American concept. Now the ABC Place restaurant is looking forward to finding more success in opening a new outlet in 2016 and captivating diners with its latest offering – a brunch menu.

Brunch Menu

Available only on the weekends from 8am to 3:30pm; the new menu moves through fruit plates, muesli, eggs benedict, calzones, waffles, pastries and cocktails. It’s not really a boring entrée/main/dessert affair so much as a casual place where diners can get a little or a lot of what they fancy – from eggs of any style to Chef’s frittata of the day, poached and baked.

The current one-page menu, which will most likely expand, on paper was mouth watering and it was aside from the House-made Chicken and Apple Sausage (KSh300) that arrived dry and weak on seasoning. The wow moment came when the wood-fired Breakfast Calzone (KSh900) filled with roasted peppers, scrambled eggs, arugula, cheddar and ricotta arrived perfectly puffed, pregnant and golden on top. The poached eggs simply oozed beautifully over the English Muffin with Potato Hash, and the Smoked Salmon of the classic Eggs Benedict (KSh1,200) was not unbearably salty. Things got even better when the Caramelized Banana Crepes (KSh550) were livened with Nutella and Whipped Cream, which arrived as a delicate trio of utterly soft and foldable indulgent sweet packages.

The food is generous, but never overwhelming. The menu covers breakfast and lunch – or brunch if you must – with an Italian-American twist. It’s nice to find a restaurant that’s doing something a bit different from the usual brunch affair, whilst providing a stylish and casual space with attentive and very prompt service, but not in a way that makes you feel rushed.

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Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

  • Livondo

    Going by the NHIF saga and scandalous dealings with Clinix, Merodian, etc Kenyans should not allow another goldenberg or angloleasing type mischief and theft.
    Corruption and playing with tax payers money should never be tolerated. Prof. Nyongo must take responsility in this mess and do the necessary thing in the eyes of the public.

  • Frisowa


  • What a shame! Where is the President??

  • Dankins

    This is a complete complete shame, complete still birth yet it was going to be the talk of the world positively, now it will be negative. A great idea goes to sleep because of greed and skimming

  • It goes without saying that however much Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o would want to absolve himself after this and other saga, he has dented himself a blow in terms of image! All I can say is may history offer him a soft landing. 

  • DavidAmakobe

    NHIF adopted the Global Capitation  a method of paying health hospitals a set amount for each member and dependents choosing that hospital, whether that persons seeks care or not, per period of time. The amount of remuneration is based on the average expected health care utilization of that patient. Other factors considered include age, race, sex, type of employment, and geographical location, as these factors typically influence the cost of providing care.
    The financial risks Hospitals accept in capitation are traditional insurance risks; Since providers have fixed revenues, each enrolled patient makes his/her claims against the full resources of the provider (the value of the capitation). Providers, in exchange for a fixed payment per enrolled member, agree to provide the unknown future benefits and to absorb the costs associated with clinical care. This shift means that the providers become the enrolled client’s insurers, resolving claims for care in face-to-face interactions, at the point of care. Hence, capitation places health care providers in the role of micro-health insurers, assuming the responsibility for managing the unknown future health care costs of their patients. Hospitals  lack the necessary actuarial, underwriting, accounting and finance skills for insurance risk management, the only way these hospital will make money is by NOT providing services! 
    The two selected providers are using the funds to build and open facilities, pray how do they plan to finance the provision of services?
    In Kenyan parlance, the Chairman is a fool for refusing to play ball but history will record that he stuck out for the members when everyone  else turned the NHIF into the new NSSF to source election year funding and leave members high & dry.

  • Is that Mbugua former Kamukunji MP behind Nyongo?

  • Ndiormatt

    this is total rip off for civil servants especially considering that civil servant’s medical allowance was withdrawn from the salary and nhif is still deducted. medical allowance for civil servants should be reinstated

  • perepepe

    It’s an election year and we expect politicians to be colluding with technocrats in scheming off public funds for the campaign. It’s not surprising that these two companies were paid funds for no existent clinics. But would this happen without the knowledge of the Minister? KES 350 Million leaving the Ministry’s account without a cut for Bwana Waziri and the CEO…I highly doubt it. These are the so called liberators…liberating Wanachi’s taxes for personal gain. Bure kabisa!

  • Elijah Andika

    I don’t need NHIF services. In June, 2010 I went there to seek their services only to be treated like a piece of rag. One of the officers demanded a penalty that never was of Khs. 14,000 before I get their servises. I decided to do without it. Almost everyone at NHIF institution is arrogant, very arrogant. I am ready to send my contributions to a firm whose officers can listen to its contributors and don’t steal from the poor. I believe almost everyone at NHIF are being accused by their own conscience for having educated their children with stollen money, for living in houses built with stollen money.

  • Kiirupet

    kenya likes taking a reverse gear. The allowance for medical to civil servants was working well. They could top up and insure with 1st class providers like aar,medicare, faulu etc. NHIF should have concentrated in equipping all hospitals at county levels to decongestant Kenyatta etc.

    Simple and clear. No fooling around allow freedom of choice.
     wapewe wanjipange na shida itaisha.

  • Pratt

    Its totally unfortunate and unacceptable for fellows, who have lied over the years that they are reformers, to turn out to be reform thieves. I guess, fake “reform” only signified or meant exclusion from the centre! Every Odm minister has been caught in one corruption or another, why? They talk of social justice when all indications are that they are anti-same. They talk of reform but wont hesitate to stall reforms. We are certainly confronted by amateur outright conmen masquarenting as good leaders! How many Odm fellows have been caught stealing or protecting thieves? May be thievery is another word for fake reform? Kenyans need to wake up and say “NO” to these thieves wearing fake reform stickers. Repackaging lies is not for us pals. We need actions and actions alone. Saying good things that you never attempt to actualize is utter insult to our intelligence, if not unbelievable self-fooling. However, we thank Almighty God for deception empire has been consumed by fire, with no prospect at all of “rebuild!”

  • Peter Gichira Solomon

    Pratt is right when he says that some of these guys are just masqarading as reformer while deep inside they are not. Some thought that with his terminal illness Prof. Nyong’o would have been more sensitive than he is doing. I want to make my hypothesis on this guy
    1. He has become senile and so he should be asked to retire.
    2. He is so sick that he can’t hold a public office anymore and so he should be given medical leave.
    3. He is very sane and very conscious of what he is doing, meaning that he is irredeemibly corrupt and should be sacked.

    Prof. Can you include these hypotheses in your consultation with the PM when you return from SA?

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