Kenyan superstar Redsan releases new music video


redsan video

Shot in South Africa earlier this year by acclaimed Nigerian director Sesan, Kenyan superstar Redsan released his latest music video, on Tuesday.

The dancehall anthem is making big waves on radio in Kenya & Tanzania at the moment and the video is on playlists for MTV Base, TRACE Africa and  East African Television.

Watch the music video for this Pan African summer smash now:


  • Dickson Masoo

    Why did government let the people settle there

    • Jane Kimeu

       everyone living in mathare valley is living there illegally..this rural to urban migration without proper govt controls is a big issue…the govt has failed miserably because now u cannot evict over 100,000 people living in these slums..

      • Lukalecyprian

        over i million people

  • Grace Akinyi

    life is really hard for slum dwellers..God bless their families 

  • Alice Njeri

    2012 is full of tragedies…when did we stop praying as a nation?

  • nyakenda

    does this city have any planners one may wonder. so many things are in a mess – inaccessible residential area, poor response to fire disaster, raw sewage on pot holed roads, garbage strewn everywhere, corruption at City hall and other councils – and the lists is endless. Jameni are we a cursed generation?

  • Ndirangu, why wait for people to die so that you can now issue a directive to have them moved. What’s your work if  the local provincial administration there hadn’t seen this coming. I’m sure there are so many accident you can prevent by being proactive bwana PC. If the place is/was dangerous why did you allow them to settle there? Are you taking stock of other dangerous places and taking remedial measures? Now we can only moarn that we have lost souls and hard working Kenyans. Its a shame.

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