#NewMusic: Ethiopia’s Sheba Sound releases first 10” vinyl


sheba sound

Originating in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sheba Sound, is committed to recording and introducing diverse music to Ethiopians as well as to foreign communities. Sheba Sound’s first 10″ vinyl release is now in the shops and was recorded in Ethiopia and then mixed in London.

The first single “Ali New Biye” features vocalist Hanna Mekonnen and her band, who hail from the Mersa people in the Amhara region in the northern part of Ethiopia. With a tough bassline, punctuated by hand claps and kebero drums, Hanna’s vocal leads a hypnotic call and response underpinned by washint flute and the emblematic krar.

Ali New Biye is released courtesy of collaborators Paradise Bangkok as part of their new ‘Eastern Connection’ label, which  explores the connections between the East African Coast, the Arab Peninsula, South East Asia and all the sounds and cultures traversing the Indian Ocean.

Listen to Ali New Biye below:


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