How To Get Your Partner To Kiss You Often


1. Smile more. Smiling lips look kissable.

2. Don’t let your lips dry. Well moisturized lips whether natural or with lip stick or lip balm are yummy.

3. Hug and cuddle more often. Kisses flow effortlessly then.

4. Say “I love you” with passion and often. Couples that say “I love you more”, engage in kissing more often than those who don’t.

5. Keep a fresh breath. Good oral hygiene, don’t make it a struggle to be near your lips.

6. Don’t rush making love. At times just get yourself close to your partner in bed so that you kiss for long.

7. Stare at your partner’s lips when you want a kiss. He/she will get the hint.

8. Avoid curse words, insults and negative talk. Lips that speak warmth, love and positive words are attractive.

9. Be a good kisser. This will make your partner thirsty for your kisses.

10. Ask for a kiss. Grab your partner unexpectedly and kiss up; it’s your right. The best kisses are unpredictable and snatched.

11. Praise your partner’s kisses. Appreciation will inspire him/her to kiss you some more.

12. Strategically keep placing your face next to your partner, arouse kisses, give an inviting body language; when you’re slow dancing, working on something together, taking a shower together, eating as a couple or taking a walk. Make your lips easy to access.

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