#DidYouKnow: Today is World Responsible Tourism Day



Now in their 12th year, the World Responsible Tourism Awards were founded by Responsible Travel in 2004 to celebrate the most inspiring stories in responsible tourism. The Awards ceremony is hosted by World Travel Market, the leading global event for the travel industry, during World Responsible Tourism Day, the world’s largest event for responsible tourism,  which this year takes place on Wednesday 4th November.

World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015 Finalists

A worldwide campaign to end canned hunting, a tour operator offering locally-led alternative city tours and a mangrove conservation and education project in Madagascar are among the organizations included in list of finalists for the 2015 World Responsible Tourism Awards at World Travel Market.

After intense debate by the judging panel, 37 organizations have been chosen across 12 categories, recognizing achievements from animal welfare campaigns to accessible tourism practices in one of the most diverse lists of finalists the World Responsible Tourism Awards has ever seen. The organizations, which range from tourism industry giants such as TUI Travel UK & Ireland, to tiny individual enterprises such as Cnoc Suain in Ireland, or Felin Talgarth Mill in Wales, UK, are based in 20 countries worldwide, with Cyprus, Hong Kong and Finland represented for the first time ever.

Here are the finalists:

Agri Tourism Development Company Pvt Ltd
Aruba Tourism Authority
Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge
Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat
Campaign Against Canned Hunting
Cnoc Suain
Connemara Wild Escapes
Coral Cay Conservation
Cyprus Tourism Organisation
Endeavour Safaris
Felin Talgarth Mill
Grootbos Private Nature Reserve
Hetta Huskies
Hong Kong Airport Authority
Honko Mangrove Education & Conservation
LooLa Adventure Resort
Loophead Peninsula
Lotus Travel AB
Matava Resort
North Island Seychelles
North Sailing
OneSeed Expeditions
RuralSuite Hotel-Apartamentos
Shangri-La’s Vilingili Resort & Spa, Maldives
The Donkey Sanctuary
Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge
Travel for Wildlife
TUI UK & Ireland
Turtle Bay Beach Club
Uakari Lodge
Ullswater Steamers
Uncornered Market
Urban Adventures



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    This is what we call rubbish, incompetence and stupidity. How is mr. poghisio managing this strike. For heavens sake can you handle this thing professionally. Talk to this people, tell them what you are doing about their grievances and what you have on table for them. Tell them something substantial so that they go back to work as you sort out the mess. You claim to be saved yet you have never done anything reasonable to show that even go to church. Are you also drunk with power? 

  • Omwami2

    phogisio we have a new constitution those threats kp them to yoself u waited until the situation got out of hand give KBC WORKERS WAT THEY DESERVE

  • Balistic

    Mshenzi yeye

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     This guy is not serious.. the strike is legal and they deserve to be heard. the minister should be be telling them how the government intends to pay them their money…

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    Just learnt #kbc that 70% of staff are computer illiterate , most workers are above 50years and #kbcstaff have over 300 extra workload. ……..it makes sense to restructure the place now and start afresh. Most businesses cant operate like this and there is no reason whey KBC should……

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