9 Tips on how to find your perfect office chair

Office chair tips

Tired of channeling the Hunchback of Notre Dame at work as you lean over your keyboard for a good eight hours? Then listen up!

If you happen to have a 9-5 desk job then it’s safe to say that your chair is one of the few instruments you’ll spend a good portion of your life on – that and your bed, of course.

Given that the wrong chair could affect your health and productivity, taking the time to find the perfect desk chair is an imperative step to improving your welfare.

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So we paid a visit to our friends at Bevaj Furniture to discover some interesting, ergonomic desk chair options that will provide you with optimum comfort at your workplace.

Here are nine things to consider when purchasing an office chair:

Office chair tips - back support

1. Back Support

Not only will the wrong chair leave you with horrible posture, it could also lead to chronic back pains. Finding a chair with good back support will have you feeling more energized and prevent you from suffering later on.

Office chair tips - adjustability

2. Adjustability

Your seat should be able to move and shift to accommodate your different needs. For example, being able to recline and adjust your seat could reduce pressure on your spine or allow you to reach your keyboard with more ease. It’s also important to be able to change your seat height. And on that note:

Office chair tips - chair height

3. Chair Height

This is an important factor to consider given that the wrong height can affect your blood circulation. Your feet should be able to comfortable rest flat on the floor.

Office chair tips - arm rests

4. Arm Rests

This feature will help give your arm the support it needs. Make sure to find the right height where your arm rests are concerned so as to prevent you from hunching your shoulders.

Office chair tips - head rest

5. Head Rest

If you occasionally like to lean back, then not being able to rest your head back can really cause a strain to your neck. Look for a chair that won’t leave you straining your neck.

Office chair tips - fabric

6. Seat Fabric

Consider your work environment and needs. If you tend to be messy then a seat that’s easy to wipe should be in your radar. And for a more executive chair, leather fabric seems to do the trick.

Office chair tips - price points budgets

7. Price point

This will ultimately help you determine the kind of seat you can get so be sure to create a budget to guide you before you go seat shopping. Best part? Bevaj Furniture has a great price range to suit your wallet’s needs!

Office chair tips - seat depth

8. Seat Depth

If the seat depth is too short then it will quite likely strain your legs and back. Consider getting a chair with adjustable seat depth to help you slide the seat to the position that best suits you.

Office chair tips 2

9. Aesthetics

At the end of the day, you need to be in love with (or, at the very least, not hate) how your chair looks. Take your time shopping around for the chair that suits you in order to ultimately find the perfect one. But remember, just like in life, don’t put too much emphasis on looks.

Happy shopping!

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