#Our2Cents Recap: Top 10 moments from the past year!


our2cents recap - top 10

In a moment of reflection, Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong thought to share with you some of their favourite moments during the past one year that they have been filming and sharing episodes of their popular web series.

Backed by the talented videographer and designer, i.e., Francis Mbatha and Chris Wanjagi, respectively, the ladies have had a great run filled with laughter, love and insightful conversations.

Here are their 10 highlights in no particular order!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

Susan Wong and Fareed Khimani happened to be the lucky two chosen to partake in the freezing cold challenge. Watch to see who they nominated and how they fared in the challenge!

Swahili Lingo 101

It was about time Susan got to learn some interesting Swahili lingo and Sharon gave her some fun tips that will help her blend in even more!

Pleasure Purpose & Prevention

Who said pleasure can’t have purpose? In this episode, DJ CK shares with Sharon who he thinks should be checking breast cancer lumps.

Mean Comments 

You’ve got to have a sense of humour sometimes and in this episode, the girls’ share some hilarious mean comments that they’ve encountered on the show! Too funny!

Understanding Sushi 

Susan finally gets Sharon to try some sushi – something that may or may not have turned out as expected!

Relationships & Finances – Where is the Line?

This can often be a huge bone of contention in relationships and the girls (including Amina from Hits Not Homework) shared their thoughts on it!

Road Trip To East Africa’s Largest Mall

Who doesn’t like a good road trip? Especially when it involves shopping and vlogging – two things the girls have a soft spot for!

Tips on Making Your First Million

If you’re looking for some motivation on how to move forward in your business, here are some tips from the man who’s made more than most – Chris Kirubi!

Three things to do Every Time You Travel

For those who’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you’ve got to try these three things every time you go to a new country! Watch to find out what they are.

The Best & Worst Pick Up Lines Ever

For the men struggling to get that special girl’s attention, this episode will either get you on her good side or slapped – either way, someone will be left laughing!


What are some of your favourites?!


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