17 Crucial moments you will know you are loved!

1. “When you run out of money”

When you are deep in debt or broke, when you can’t provide for the high lifestyle, will the one who claims to love you stand with you OR despise you OR maybe even leave you?


2. “When you say no to sex”

When you say no to sex, perhaps because you are waiting till marriage, you are not ready; will the one who claims to love you insult you, try to make you feel guilty, get angry, maybe even leave you? OR will he/she respect your decision and tell you he/she understands? If you are married and you are too tired or not in the mood for sex, will your spouse force you to have sex, bully you, insult you OR will he/she cuddle with you and tell you he/she understands?

3. “When the world is against you”

There will be times not everyone will be on your side. When the world persecutes you, will the one who claims to love you walk with you? OR will he/she join them in mocking you? Will you be betrayed?

4. “When you lose your job”

It happens, people get fired or retrenched; and those running a business can suffer losses. When those tough times come and you fall from your lavish comfort, will the one who claims to love you devalue you and show contempt? OR will he/she hold on to you and help you get back up?

5. “When you can’t have children”

Perhaps you try having children but in vain, will your spouse blame you and see you as worthless? OR will your spouse love you still with the same kind of love like before?

6. “When you are sick”

Just in case you get bed ridden, you start vomiting, losing weight and you need someone to nurse you back to health; will your lover be there for you? OR abandon you?

7. “When rumors about you spread”

It is possible for lies to be told about you, for people to make up stories to tarnish your name. Will the one who claims to love you be quick to believe what others say? OR will he/she ask for your truth and be on your side of truth?

8. “When you do wrong and apologize”

No one is perfect, sometimes you will fall short. When you say or do wrong and you unintentionally hurt the one you love, will he/she forgive you? OR will he/she use that to destroy you and label you? And even if he/she forgives you, will you constantly be reminded of how much you messed up? OR will you two move on with love?


9. “When you get pregnant”

Lady, when you get pregnant and you body changes. When you grow in size and still remain big after giving birth; will he take care of you, find you beautiful, be your strength? OR will he chase after other women and leave you and your baby? If you give birth to a disabled child, will your spouse love that child with you OR will he distance himself from you two?

10. “When your body ages”

We are all aging. Wrinkles will come, boobs will sag, the bum will stop being tight, the skin will age, grey hair will form, libido will reduce. When you age, will your spouse still love you OR will he/she call you old fashioned and begin chasing after younger, more sexy options? Will your spouse make you an option OR the only one?

11. “When you have a health condition”

Suppose you have a health condition: diabetes, erectile dysfunction, migraines, asthma, sight problems, epilepsy, hypertension; will the one who claims to love you be ashamed of you? OR will he/she love you and help you handle the condition?


12. “When you get involved in an accident”

Accidents happen, can you rely on the one who claims to love you when they do?

13. “When someones tries to come in between”

When an ex tries to destroy you two, when someone tries to steal your spouse from you; does your spouse entertain that outsider OR does he/she tell the outsider off and defend your love?

14. “When you lose your way”

It is possible to veer off in life, to be misled, to get lost. Will your lover reach out to you, find you, be patient with you, pray for you, hold your hand back to the right path and lead you out of the fire? OR will he/she be quick to let you go because he/she doesn’t want to be associated with you?

15. “When you call for help”

When trouble comes, can you depend on the one who claims to love you to have your back and run to your rescue?


16. “When your in-laws attack you”

When the family and friends of your spouse are hostile towards you, will your spouse protect you? OR will you be isolated, your spouse with them against you?

17. “When storms come”

Life will have it’s challenges. When things get tough, will the one who claims to love you still want to be with you?

It is so easy to say “I love you”, but love is best demonstrated and proven when these crucial moments show up!

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