#ManStyle: How a man’s suit should fit


Looking to buy a new suit? Is your favorite suit getting a little snug… lately? Have you lost a couple of kilos and your suits are now too big? Well, fret not for I have a guide on how to get the perfect suit that will fit you perfectly.

Unlike women, men are very lucky as they don’t need a hundred suits in their closet. In fact,  7-10 suits (including a special tuxedo suit) that fit perfectly should be enough- Of course you will need to have at least “very many” shirts and ties. When it comes to wearing a suit that fits, very few men get it right.


There are 5 categories of suit-wearers:

*There are those men who wear suits just because they are required to put on a suit for work. This lot of men do not care whether their suits fit or flatter them at all as long as it is on their body when they are in that office.

*There are those men who cling on to hand-me-down suits from their dads regardless of whether the suit is outdated, ill-fitting or  very unflattering.

*There are those who let the suit wear them.

*There are those who have one suit that they wear from Monday to Friday.

*There are those that get it right. They know what a suit should look like on their body, how it should fit (where it should start and end), how it should make them feel, what material is perfect for the perfect suit and how they should own different types of suits including a tuxedo or two and a couple of  informal suits as well. (It’s not so hard to fall for this guy…#JustSaying).

I stumbled upon the Real Men Real Style site where every suit-wearing man is let in on very useful tips on how a suit should fit. Check this out:



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