Beautiful artwork of two presidents sharing a hearty meal

What better way to sincerely bond with someone than share a meal with them? Yes,  food has always been known to bring people together and it is such an African thing to share a meal with friends, potential friends and family. It gets even more enjoyable when a meal is shared in an informal setting.

We came across this beautiful artwork,done by our very own talented Capital Lifestyle contributor  Dayan Masinde, of President Obama and President Uhuru sharing a hearty Kenyan meal of ugali, fish, milk served in traditional calabash bowls and fruits on the side. The two presidents seem  to be bonding, enjoying their meal  and having a great time while at it.They’re also both wearing something “proudly Kenyan”.

Obama and Uhuru eat

This artwork couldn’t have come at a more perfect time  as the U.S President Obama is expected to visit the country next month.




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