Video: What 6 hours of Photoshop looks like

Photoshop before and after

We’ve seen enough before and after pictures to realise that a lot of the cover photos and fashion campaign images that we’re bombarded with have endured quite a bit of touch ups. I mean, we’ve even witnessed several brands run campaigns celebrating the every day, untouched woman who does not to have an army of glam fairies perfecting her look each morning.

But have you ever really seen what goes into retouching these ‘perfect’ images?

The video below took Elizabeth Moss, Head Retoucher at Rare Digital Art in NYC, 6 hours to put together and shows just how sophisticated the post production editing process can get. Elizabeth turns the model’s slightly imperfect skin into a flawless canvas, even going as far as giving her a perfect french manicure.

Watch the 90 second time lapse of 6 hours of retouching in the video below:


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