#DidYouKnow: More sex doesn’t lead to increased happiness

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The horrible truth has been confirmed: More sex doesn’t necessarily lead to increased happiness.

In a recent study, Carnegie Mellow University researchers found that the casual connection between sexual frequencies may not lead to feelings of happiness.

Published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, findings show that simply having more sex did not make couple happier, in part because the increased frequency led to a decline in wanting for and enjoyment of sex.

Researchers looked at married heterosexual couples. In the group that doubled their sexual intercourse frequency, surprisingly, researchers found that couples reported lower sexual desire, a decrease in sexual enjoyment and a decrease in happiness.

Despite the study results, researchers believe that most couples have too little sex and that increasing sexual intercourse frequency in the right ways, can be beneficial.

Instead of focusing on increasing sexual frequency to the levels they experienced at the beginning of a relationship, couples may want to work on creating an environment that sparks their desire and makes the sex that they do have even more fun,” said Tamar Krishnamurti, a research scientist in CMU’s Department of Engineering and Public Policy told ScienceDaily.


Journal Source

George Loewenstein, Tamar Krishnamurti, Jessica Kopsic, Daniel McDonald. Does Increased Sexual Frequency Enhance Happiness? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2015; DOI:10.1016/j.jebo.2015.04.021


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