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The private showing of Uru Diamonds jewelry line was that perfect amalgamation of quaint, mesmerizing and sophisticated. From the bewitching collection to the curation of guests to the homely catering, warmth and edge was served up again and again. This wonderful affair was brought together by Ivar Rosenkrantz of Uru Diamonds; Diana Opoti of Diana Opoti’s Fashion PR; and Chris Foot of, well, everything!

Uru Diamonds, founded circa 2009, is a Tanzania based jewelry company that deals in creating the most beautiful pendants, chains, bracelets, cufflinks and rings among other items. Their market base expands throughout Africa and reaches into the Middle East, Europe and America. All of their creations are hand crafted using traditional African techniques using hand-cast precious metals like silver and gold; and rough gemstones including Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Tanzanite, Spinel and Tsavorite. The stones are used straight from the mines to add a sense of rawness and a natural feel which really sets the collection apart from most cut and polished and enhanced jewelry out in the market. The pieces are simply and stunningly edgy and are certified clean, non-conflict stones. I wanted them all!


On show, were the gorgeous bracelets in all colours from basic black and neutrals to romantic teals, fuchsias and navy tones, each set with either gold or silver and a different gemstone. The Africa pendants on silver chains resonated with the authentic African strength and beauty while the cufflinks on display were unique and a definite conversation starter. Every single item makes for a statement addition to one’s own collection or a thoughtful and distinctive gift.

The entire soiree was filled with merriment, networking, enlightened conversation and flowing drinks while guests admired and bought several pieces (on the spot!) as they were, in a word, irresistible. Not to mention quite well priced (bracelets starting from as low as USD. 200). With the amazing reception of the line during this influencers soft launch, and the alluring, exclusive designs, Uru’s entry into the Kenyan market is an inevitable Sterling success.

The Uru collection will be hosted by Diana Opoti Fashion PR all weekend at the Zen Garden weekend pop-up in Nairobi. They can otherwise be reached via Facebook on their official Uru Diamond page.

*Uru is an old Swahili word for Diamond.


By Oshin of oshinity.com

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