Dolce & Gabbana turn the runway into a family affair at MFW!

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Who doesn’t love a good mix of fashion and cute kids?

It seems like Dolce and Gabbana’s runway for Milan Fashion Week was a special one for all the mothers out there as models turned to the catwalk in grand outfits with gorgeous cuties in hand.

Trust Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to keep the Italian-men-are-the-most-romantic-lot dream alive. Their special designs were not only donned by the usual stunning, size zero models known to the runways but also included several pregnant beauts and mothers with babies as an ode to all women. Little girls in matching model outfits kept the runway cute and chic.

The theme stayed in line with the general direction seen in their editorial campaigns in recent years in which a traditional, organic feel was celebrated.

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There’s no denying that fashion can often have a singular approach to style, with top designers often focusing on a particular type of woman and offering limited sizes.

That being said, one can’t help but notice the shift from this singular mindset with more fashion outlets and designers moving away from solely focusing on samples size models fits and being more inclusive of the different body shapes and women out there.

It’s safe to say that the designs seen on Dolce & Gabbana’s runway did not compromise on fashion with all the pieces seen on the models drawing from their classic and unique design aesthetic.

However, one can only wonder how many times a valuable piece can take some baby spit, vomit and food before it becomes compromised.

Either way, there’s a new collection for all the new mothers out there with your name on it. Happy early-mother’s day from the Dolce and Gabbana team and us!

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