Honour your curves with these easy style tips!

Honour My Curves

There’s no denying that there is a disconnect between the number of full-figured women in Kenya, or around the world for that matter, and the availability of stores dedicated to providing trendy plus-size fashion. With magazines like Sports Illustrated (famous for their perfectly toned, sample-size beauties on their coveted covers) choosing to feature plus-size models on their glossy pages, what better time to highlight stores doing the same in Kenya?

As the famous plus-size model, Ashley Graham, aptly put it, “Curves are not a trend, curves are here to stay.”

We sat down with the team from Honour My Curves (HMC), a brand dedicated to meeting the fashionable needs of women from size 14 to 28. Snuggled in a corner of the vibrant Thika Road Mall is their boutique store holding all sorts of trendy pieces.

It was obvious from browsing through their store that they take pride in dressing fashionable, full-figured women who would often shy away from colour, prints, textures and interesting cuts – trends that were hanging in plenty on their shelves.

Here are some style tips from their trendy team!

Picture Courtesy of Honour My Curves

Understand your body shape

It’s integral to have a good understand of your body shape in order to really understand how to dress yourself and the HMC team helps you figure this out (all sorts of puns intended!)

Picture Courtesy of Honour My Curves

Embrace the body shaper

Let’s face, we could use a little help every now and then and there’s nothing like a good set of spanx or a corset that will compliment your curves.

Picture Courtesy of Honour My Curves
Picture Courtesy of Honour My Curves

Don’t rule out colours

Hiding behind dark colours isn’t always the answer so try have fun with different hues!


Being matchy-matchy isn’t always the answer

Don’t be afraid to pair different pieces together – especially when it comes to dressing up for work. Unless your dress code requires a matching suit, try rocking different pieces and have fun with it!

Picture Courtesy of Honour My Curves

The bigger the bag, the better the balance

Opt for bigger bags to help balance out your whole look. A small, unmemorable purse can get lost in the entire outfit.

Picture Courtesy of Honour My Curves

Sexy comes in all sizes

Curves can be sexy too so don’t forget to pick up some lingerie – especially now that we’re in the month of love!

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