#50GamesToPlay: 15 ways to tap into your playful side on a Monday


Why is fantasy so important in lovemaking? Exploring our desires allows us to open the door to new bedroom activities, freeing our minds giving us permission to play. Through exploring and experimenting, fresh ideas in the bedroom always add spice to even the most wonderful sex life.

A new Durex survey shows that we are drawn to exploring our sexual potential and seeking new sensations. Did you know 67 per cent of people admit to wanting to act out a fantasy or sex game with a partner?

This week on Capital Lifestyle, we’re introducing #50GamesToPlay with Durex, which will help you embrace your own playful and fantasy needs. Also, stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to 50 Shades of Grey premiere in Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday, 12th of February, 2015 at Prestige Plaza. All you have to do is tell us how you play in the bedroom and tag both #50GamesToPlay and @CFMlifestyle. Winners will be announced Wednesday, 11th of February, 2015 at 5:00pm GMT+3.

But first, here are the first 15 ways you can tap into your playful side on a Monday.



Gazing into a partner’s eyes creates a deep connection and builds trust between you. Try sitting opposite, holding each other’s gaze without looking away. As you do, try to also breathe together, matching breath for breath. It won’t be long before you can’t hold back from reaching out to kiss or touch.



Each of you writes down the five turn-on phrases you most adore – romantic, loving or naughtier. Then take it in turns to give your partner a soothing massage, perhaps using a Durex Play pleasure gel gel, while repeating the turn-on phrases slowly, over and over.

50 shades blindfold


Blindfold your partner and guide them round the room, allowing them to touch things on the way. Vary the textures you offer (smooth pane of glass, velvet curtain) and let them guess what they’re touching. The fact of guiding and being guided will bring you closer, the need to guess will raise the guesser’s sensitivity. If you feel like it, play this game naked.



Set a timer for five minutes, and then move into a hug (sitting, standing, lying, whichever you choose). As you hug for longer and longer, your bodies will start to respond more deeply to each other’s signals, so your breathing, heartbeat (and even blood pressure) start to synchronise. Keep the hugs going for the whole five minutes to get you feeling extra close.



Choose a sex-linked word or phrase that you both find arousing, maybe ‘seductive’, ‘throbbing’ or ‘nibble’. Then take it in turns to say another word the first one makes you think of. Try to make each word you think of even more arousing than the last one and say it in an even more arousing way.

50 shades letter


Write to your lover, telling them just what you want to do to them and how. But don’t send your letter an email – actually handwrite it, put it in an envelope, at a time of your choosing when your partner isn’t expecting it, drop it through the letter box. Tell your lover in advance what’s on the way to them and watch anticipation build.



One of you closes their eyes. The other moves close and breathes, sighs, or moans softly. No words allowed – the game is to see how far you can turn each other on with just sounds alone. Try purring, directly into your partner’s ear.



Discover your partner’s favourite erotic book, then choose the scene you know will most turn them on. Lead them gently to the bed, or lay them back on the sofa… then read the scene aloud in a way calculated to get them most aroused. As you read, you can caress them, but they must simply listen without touching you until you’ve finished reading.

50 shades masquerade


Play at being a couple at an exclusive adult party. Buy a pair of beautiful, erotic masks – then wear them next time you make love.



Here’s a low-risk way in to explore forbidden dreams. One of you asks the other twenty questions – answerable only by ‘yes’ and ‘no’, to discover one of your sexual fantasies. This way you don’t need to go into detail – the answer only needs to be an idea like “I want to make love on a mountain top at sunrise…”


EDITOR’S AMENDMENT: Due to unforeseeable circumstances, Capital Lifestyle regrets to announce the cancellation of the competition.(10/2/2015)

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