Belfie stick: New selfie stick designed for your butt


Do you appreciate your backside so much so that you regularly enjoy capturing selfies with emphasis on your butt? If yes, it’s time to purchase a Belfie stick.

US company has unveiled their latest product, a selfie stick for your butt. Dubbed the Belfie stick, the mobile phone accessory has an extendable arm and hinge that will allow users to get the optimum angle to snap an image of their behind.

Added convenience includes a Bluetooth button at the end of the stick, which seamlessly syncs to your mobile phone and allows you to easily take photos through the button.

Belfie stick is designed perfectly for those who love their backsides as much as those who love their faces. But for those skeptics out there, the Belfie stick, with its hinge design, actually elevates the selfie experience. With extra angles made possible by the improved design, users will be able to be more creative when taking selfies and applications could go far beyond only taking photos of your butt.

The Belfie stick is set to be available later this year and will set you back approximately Sh7,000 ($79.99).

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