Viceroy 5 rewards its Mombasa customers with a trip to Cape Town


Mombasa patrons at Fantasy Club and Samba Sports club were treated to a surprising moment when Viceroy 5 awarded its loyal consumers as part of their ongoing nationwide campaign.

Winning fans walked away with amazing prizes as many carried home caps and T-Shirts bearing the Viceroy brand. More winners are expected to win a trip to South Africa. The campaign dubbed One Viceroy Five Friends began on 1st September and will go on until 30th November 2014. It will provide an opportunity for over 60 Viceroy Brandy consumers to visit Van Ryn’s Distillery in Cape Town which is the home of Viceroy. During the activations in various bars country wide, a group of 3 friends and more sharing a Viceroy bottle automatically qualify to enter into the competition where they fill up entry forms to stand a chance to win the trip to Cape Town.

The “One Viceroy, Five Friends” campaign promotes bonding, sharing and friendships. We hope the campaign and the trip opens up new ways of interaction amongst the different groups to create memorable bonding experiences.’’ said Paul Kanyeki, Distell Winemasters Sales and Distribution Manager. ‘‘With the rich culture and heritage in Cape Town, the winners will have a lot to experience and carry back home’’. He concluded, “The itinerary to Cape Town also includes a tour to the iconic Table Mountain.”

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