Exclusive! Marco Louis shares 3 beauty trends

Photos courtesy of SDR Photos
Photos courtesy of SDR Photos

If you’re like the millions of women out there juggling 39,457 things at any one time, you’re going to love the fact that you can check off discovering this season’s hot makeup trends off the list. Now only 39,246 things to go!

We got an exclusive interview with the talented Marco Louis, MAC’s Resident Senior Makeup Artist (Africa), who shared three, achievable trends that you should start adopting. After having been part of the MBFW Africa backstage madness, we know he’s bound to have a trick or two up his sleeves.

Here are the three tips that Marco has for the ladies this season:

  1. There seems to be a massive skin focus which means nailing the skin, and not necessarily focusing too much on foundation and concealer, but perfecting the skin by resurfacing, is heavily trending.A lot of the looks during Fashion Week focused on using skin correctors like highlighters and CC cream to perfect the skin. It’s about making the woman the best possible version of herself and only using makeup to reveal her true beauty without changing the way she looks.
  2. It’s always going to go back to a lip or eye focus and one of the key trends that we saw is streamline. This is sort of like a modern take on eyeliner so there’s no flicks. It really just uses the liner to define your eyes and open them up. It needs to look as though she’s done it herself.MBFW Africa beauty trends 4
  3. Another trend is playing with earthy tones and browns making it very cold and neutral. Everything sort of resembles water colours and is blurred and worked in well with no real harsh lines. Basically, she needs to look effortless and as if she did it herself at home!
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