Linda Murithi brings Editorial Edition to Hub of Africa Fashion Week

linda murithi

Known as one of Africa’s most glamourous gatherings, Hub of Africa Fashion Week is planning to set the international fashion industry a buzz in October 2014, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the diplomatic capital of the continent.

With the recent website re-launch of Hub of Africa Fashion Week, the team behind the premier event is certainly introducing a relatively new concept for fashion weeks in Africa – an Editorial Edition.

Aside from a curated selection of African fashion designers, the 2014 Hub of Africa Fashion Week Editorial Edition will see international Editors from various trend-setting media mediums and Buyers placed in the forefront.

Why Editorial? Capital Lifestyle Magazine sat down with Linda Murithi, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hub of Africa Fashion Week, and MD of In The Bag to understand more.

Q & A

Capital Lifestyle Magazine (CLM): What or who made you decide to start the Hub of Africa? Why Ethiopia?

Linda Murithi (LM): The Hub of Africa Fashion Week started with my partner Mahlet when she wanted to have a fashion week in Ethiopia. At that time I was heading the first English radio Station in Ethiopia. We then decided that we wanted to have a more relevant fashion week, one that can be more of an add value to the fashion industry as opposed to  just having a cat-walk. We designed it such that we can have workshops and a development platform for designers, manufacturers and textile suppliers. Why Ethiopia, it is the Hub of Africa in the sense of where all decisions are made in regards to all relevant matters with-in Africa. It was the perfect place to launch a relevant fashion week.

CLM: It has been some months since the last Hub of Africa edition, was the fashion week on an official break?

LM: It was not on an official break.  We have done the fashion week bi-yearly – 2010, 2012 and we are now moving to have it on a yearly basis starting with this year 2014.

CLM: Why Editorial edition? How do you think the sector will benefit from such an edition?

LM: The Editorial Edition is one of our most important platforms thus far. Its the platform to showcase to Editors from around the world what African fashion is about and how significant we are in the international platform. Editors are important due to the fact that they write and influence what people (the mass) know about the brands:  and we have some very beautiful brands coming out of Africa, and we are very proud to showcase them. The major benefit for the designers is that they will make an impact to the people who set trends. They can show us who they are and what their brand is about.  They will influence the taste-maskers – those that set trends globally. The authorities that have a trickle down effect.

CLM: The new revamped website looks great. What else can we look forward to this year?

LM: This year is going to be all about setting new standards for the African Fashion Industry. Exclusive and something that will be a first time. It’s about your brand making a statement and steeping up to the international fashion game.

CLM: What’s your top tip for surviving fashion week?

LM: Come prepared. You have to be well aware of whats happening globally on the fashion industry and know what your presenting. If you are still discovering the industry you may not be ready for a fashion week. You have to be bold and ready to win the world over with your brand.

CLM: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

LM: Not necessarily, We (my partner and I) always have a very good large portioned healthy breakfast it’s the start of a long day and you have to have the right energy to accomplish everything.There is so much that happens, so you obviously have to be in the right energy space to get it all done and right.

CLM: What are some of the designers that we can look forward to this year? Which one are you most excited for?

LM: Right now I would like to keep it hush-hush, only till we have all the contracts sorted out, but, I will say that we are excited that every single designer we have invited to participate is at the level of international standards – they are definitely going to make an impact globally, I am guaranteeing this. Its very exciting for us.

CLM: Describe Hub of Africa in three words.

LM: Evolving. Innovative. International.

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