K1 to host EA liveliest Whisky Festival: What is the best way to enjoy Whisky?

There are many ways to enjoy whisky? Some people will insist on adding a splash of water, while others would turn away in horror at the prospect of doing anything other than taking it neat.


Nairobi Klub House commonly known as K1 will on Tuesday 19th November 2013 host East Africa’s first Love Whisky Festival, themed ‘Whisky is Vibrant’, there’s never been a better time to get to know  about Scottish whisky and the ‘proper’ way is to drink it.

According to EABL’s Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Ryan Majiwa, “People always ask me how they should drink their dram, but it really depends on personal taste. Ideally it should be enjoyed on its own but those who are new to whisky, or even certain types of whisky, may find their senses can get overwhelmed easily. It’s best to stick to whatever way is comfortable and working up to a neat drink.”

He further, said, the aim of the festival is to change the outlook of whisky drinkers in Kenya. “For a longest time, whisky has been viewed as a more conservative man’s drink, so this is our chance to demonstrate to Kenyans that there are different ways to enjoy whisky and you can enjoy whisky your own way.”

Other venues are The Norfolk Hotel (21st November), Karen Country Club (22nd November), Electric Avenue (Bacchus, Havana, Club Island, Black Diamond, Aqua Blu) – 29th November and New Jack Swing at the Carnivore (22nd November).

“We would like anyone who enjoys whisky or has wanted to but has never tried whisky to come out to one of the many events and have fun, enjoy themselves and possibly find a new way to enjoy whisky or a new whisky to enjoy” Majiwa responded when asked what he would like consumers to do.

The range of whisky on show will be nothing short of amazing, Scotch whisky leading out with ‘The Empire Builder’ Johnnie Walker Red Label, the ‘Party Starter’ J&B, Bushmills Irish Whiskey from one of the oldest distilleries in the world and Single Malt whiskies from the four corners of Scotland. ‘Regardless of where you are or whom you are with, we believe we have a whisky for you and a way to enjoy it.’ Majiwa promises to all those who attend the Love Whisky festival.

Love Whisky Festival is specifically aligned towards EABL Whisky premium brands hence the current effort by KBL to increase awareness of its whisky category.

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