Inside Tunu’s closet: Tunu’s personal style

Tunu is a Kenyan fashionista extraordinaire. She is well-versed in fashion matters. She is passionate about fashion such that she makes sure she stocks up her SHOP with the latest worldwide chic-est trends. She knows what’s IN when it’s still too hot and flying off fashion store shelves and she never minds sharing fab fashion tips. All this is evident from her closet which is often featured on Capital Lifestyle.

TUNU-MAINToday she shares her personal fashion rules.

Lime Cordial
Here is one of the bitter citrus shades that would make your eyes watery on a sunny day. Just like lime cordial, the best way to rock this hue is to make a cocktail and blend it with different colours.

TUNUThe One piece overall

This childhood wardrobe staple has been resurrected right back into fashion this year. Most people would be found dead in this but hey fashion is all about boldness.

This is one sexy way to pull this trend. But if you would like to keep it more descent and formal, a smart shirt with closed pointed heels would simply tone it down.

TUNU-2The Jersey dress

Jersey is an effortless fabric that will make you feel light and airy  throughout the day. Its a fantastic option for all day comfort which is versatile and flattering all at the same time. Pair your jersey dress with stylish pointy heels.


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