Capital In The Morning’s Renee Ngamau goes to Sibiloi National Park

On my bucket list is

–          Go north.

I know. It is vague but then I never thought I’d actually get round to it. For starters, well….I wouldn’t know where to begin. So when Mureithi Ndegwa, the CEO of the Kenya Tourism Board invited CapitalFM to join a media trip to witness the eclipse in Sibiloi National Park, I jumped at it. And oh, what a road trip. I could tell you all about it but words could not capture the six day experience so I am going to let the pictures do the talking…

sibiloi 1

Road trip!!! Our home away from home for 6 days.

sibiloi 2

Kiss the tarmac goodbye, folks! Merille River outside Archer’s Post, Isiolo County.

sibiloi 3

In the Chalbi desert. Literally!

sibiloi 4

The colours, the scene, the vast emptiness….it’s indescribable!

sibiloi 5

Good morning, North Hor! These Gabra huts are surprisingly comfortable and oh so practical! All the accommodation lodgings are run by women groups. Thank you, Gallasa Diqa women’s group.

sibiloi 6Water!! Water!! An oasis somewhere at the edge of the Chalbi.

sibiloi 7

Manny the Mammoth!! Elephant fossils at Koobi Fora, Turkana. [Wonder where Sid the Sloth is?]

sibiloi 8

Helping hands! Making friends everywhere we go

sibiloi 9

Party in the desert! Sibiloi style! Samburu, Dasanach, Gabra, El Molo, Turkana- the “Up Country people”  and the “down country people” as they call us.

sibiloi 10

The reason we came – Witnessing the eclipse.

sibiloi 11

The reason you must go. Koobi Fora, cradle of humankind.

sibiloi 12

No holiday pics would be complete without one of these….

Thank you for the journey. Sibiloi, Kenya.

Magical Kenya.

Enjoy the Solar Eclipse.


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