Getting luscious lips is easy peasy

Lips draw a lot of attention to the face. When having a conversation with someone, your attention will probably be on their entire face and particularly the lips.

A beautiful smile will not only brighten a dull day but will always make us look cheerful and beautiful.


Therefore, it is crucial that we keep our smiles beautiful by taking care of our lips.

Lips may suffer from two main conditions cracking and darkening that are mainly caused by dryness.

Dry and chapped lips are never a good sight. They may speak of neglect, hunger, dehydration, stress, sickness, fatigue and all other kinds of crazy moods.

Our lips unlike the rest of our skin lack melanin pigment and so lips will most likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions. Taking care of our lips is a MUST!

There are many home remedies that we can take advantage of to get luscious lips:

– For soft lips, one can apply butter, margarine, melted chocolate, fresh cream, coconut milk or ghee for a couple of hours everyday.

– For a bit of extra moisture and a fresh appearance one can put crushed ice on the lips for 5 minutes twice a week.

– To remove dead skin on lips, it is advisable to brush the lips with a toothbrush after brushing teeth.

– For healthy looking lips, it is compulsory to eat fruits with lots of vitamins, lots of vegetables and drink lots of water.


– For beautiful red lips, apply beetroot juice occasionally.

– To avoid dark lips one should avoid smoking and lipstick (especially the dark coloured ones).

– One can also apply a concoction of lemon juice, honey and a bit of glycerine everyday for a couple of days for visible results.

In all situations, it is advisable to invest in some lip balm. Lip balms have moisturizers and sunscreen, which help protect your pout in extreme weather conditions.


We have to remember that licking our lips is a no-no, as this will increase dryness, which causes them to chap.

Getting luscious lips is easy peasy as there are countless ways to achieve this. Go on, pamper your lips…

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