Want to look your age or younger for longer? Avoid these foods…

1235202_10151594964051809_403188706_nIt has been said time and again that “If it tastes too good it’s probably not good for your health” and now apparently even your looks are affected. Some foods we eat can help accelerate the aging process making us look older than our actual age. If you want to look your age or probably even younger, below are some of the foods that you may want to avoid by all means.

When your body has an overload of sugar it attaches itself to collagen and when that happens, your skin will look stiff. Your skin may start developing deep wrinkles making you look older

Candy just like sugar causes inflammation in the body which can contribute to premature wrinkling of the skin.


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners such aspartame give you unnecessary cravings for junk food and sweets which help to age you prematurely.


Beverages that are high in sugar dehydrate your body making your skin look unhealthy and tired

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are said to age you by affecting your teeth. They destroy your teeth making them look yellow and of course yellow teeth are associated with old people. Yes, with yellow teeth you will look older!


Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates your body causing wrinkles, puffiness, redness and loss of collagen which of course will make you look quite aged.

Caffeinated products dehydrate the body which makes your skin look dull, dry and tired.


Trans Fats

These are those fats that are found in fast foods, packaged foods, margarine etc they are a major cause to making your skin look inflexible. Trans fats also clog and stiffen your arteries and small blood vessels which in turn makes your skin look old.


It is no doubt that just like sugar too much salt is not good for your skin. Salt dehydrates the body and when you are dehydrated, your body becomes tired  which wears out your skin and of course you just look worn out overall. Excess salt may also contribute to other diseases that will just make you look worn out.


Too much carbohydrates may damage collagen fibers in your skin.

Fried Food

Still on Collagen, eating fried food risks collagen break down in your skin aging you prematurely.


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