Nakumatt Blue Label Partners with Premium Beer Festival Oktoberfest


1235202_10151594964051809_403188706_nGerman based beer festival, Oktoberfest kicked off yesterday Friday 20th September 2013 and will run all the way through to Sunday, 22nd September 2013 at Impala grounds, Nairobi.

Supporting the three-day festival will be Nakumatt Holdings’ Blue Label brand, which has come out to engage its shoppers around the event, enabling them to easily purchase the tickets from Nakumatt stores as well as bringing in artists to engage the shoppers.

While commenting on the support that Nakumatt Holdings is providing to the Oktoberfest beer festival, the organization’s Strategy and Operations Director, Mr. Thiagarajan Ramamurthy, said that the company is looking forward to engaging the public and participating in fun and lifestyle events that also present an opportunity to experience the brand.

“The beer festival will offer fans opportunities to experience the magic of the Nakumatt Blue Label brands; we are going to directly engage top chefs to show you how to make food that will tantalize your taste buds using our locally manufactured Nakumatt Blue Label spices,” said Mr. Ramamurthy.

And added: The brand is seeking innovative platforms for the public to interact with and experience the Nakumatt brand mainly through exclusive and dynamic lifestyle events that bring people together.

The festival, with its origins in Munich, Germany, brings together up to six million people from all over the world,to enjoy three days of fun activities, live entertainment from local and international artists, reputed DJs and radio presenters who will host the event over the three days as well an array of German cuisines. The highlight of the festival involves sampling of beers brewed in a variety of styles. The festival, hosted by the Big Five Breweries Ltd in conjunction with Brew Bistro & Lounge, will kick off on Friday 20th September with a keg tapping ceremony.

1235093_10151588274796809_383071564_nFamous for its culture of serving beer in one-litre mugs, the Oktoberfest beer festival 2013 will channel its proceeds towards a scholarship fund for needy children drawn from the slums of Nairobi.

Speaking about the need to support the scholarship fund, the Big Five Breweries Ltd Director, Aleem Ladak said that the festival aims to give back to the society and build dreams of young boys and girls who would otherwise not have the chance to attend high school due to lack of school fees.

“The Big Five Breweries opened its doors in 2009, debuting the Brew Bistro & Lounge. In line with our desire to give back to the society, we are looking to raise funds that will support up to 50 children by the year 2014, providing them with school fees and supplies that will enable them to undertake their school terms with comfort,” said Mr. Ladak.


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