Nestlé Professional hosts premier hospitality showcase


Leading food and beverage provider for the out-of-home segment, Nestlé Professional today launched their premier Chefs Forum, targeting the country’s leading chefs in the Hotel and Hospitality industry.

Top Chefs will battle it out on the best cuisine and recipes, using the MAGGI Rich Flavors and Cubes range.  The Nestlé Professional Chefs Forum is a preamble to the Hospitality and Food Service trade exhibition (HOSTEX), an acclaimed event that will be held from 29-31st October 2013.  The final selected Chefs will showcase their culinary prowess at the HOSTEX.


“The Chefs Forum is a platform for participants to discover and showcase their outstanding skills, and a motivating factor to excellence in the country’s Hospitality industry” said Rabie Issa – Nestlé Professional Country Business Manager

“Our motivation to set up the forum is because we have been a part of Kenya’s Culinary journey and intend to continue playing an integral role in the industry.   This is a chance to build long-lasting relationships, share knowledge and insights with the players in the hospitality industry, especially the Chefs who are the opinion shapers in this business,” added Issa.

At the Nestlé Professional Forum, the Chefs will be provided with MAGGI samples and required to come up with food recipes and cuisine of their choice.  The winning recipes will then be showcased in cooking demos by respective chefs during the Hostex East Africa Exhibition in October.  The top chefs going head to head will be main attraction at the Hostex Exhibition as the participants battle it out for 3 top prizes, namely: a trip to the 2014 Hostex Expo in Johannesburg, a trip to Electrolux in Venice, Italy, and a trip Brussels which includes a three day seminar in Groot-Bijgarden, Belgium.

“The Chef’s Competition will contribute towards promoting talent and innovative ideas to enhance service delivery in the industry,” added Nestlé Head Chef Joseph Onchwati.

The East African Hostex expo will be looking at drawing on the reputation, success and experience of organizing other Hostex exhibitions in Johannesburg and Cape Town, which have been running for the past 26 years.

The Chef’s forum looks to provide the best opportunity for face-to-face product promotion in the hospitality industry drawing attendance by key decision-makers and sharing experiences in the food service & hospitality sector in the country.

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