The benefits of not having children!

Having children and a family, just like marriage is not for everyone and it is mostly an individual’s preference. While there are people known to have put having children on hold until much later in life there are those people who just prefer to remain childless with or without marriage in the cards. Then there’s that lot of women who just don’t want to have children because they don’t have and have never had maternal instincts. They prefer to just sit back and enjoy life as they know it. Also with the economy of today, most people are entertaining the no-children-to-cramp-my-style lifestyle.

Speaking to one such woman gave us a slight understanding of the benefits of living a  childless life and how it suits your lifestyle.


*It is one less responsibility

When you are childless you are only responsible for yourself if single and for your significant other if you are married. There’s already so much to think about…work, bills,bills and more bills, parents, friends, your health and so many other things that occupy your life and space. So being childless is just one less responsibility.


*Anything goes

Children are a focal point in any marriage so it is always all about them. Before you blink you think about your kids, before you eat…kids, before you breathe…kids. Without them, anything goes and at any time. Whether it’s going back to school, traveling the world, moving cities or perhaps even countries for a job freely, doing what it is that you love… you have all the freedom of doing it and enjoying it with all you have and having no one to make you keep postponing or have the guilt of confusing your child to start over every now and then makes it even better.


*You get to save money

With the economy of today raising a child the way you’d want to raise them (giving them life’s little luxuries while you keep up with the Joneses) is too darn expensive. Raising a child in the 21st century is something else. From diapers, to food, to hiring nannies, to expensive education all through their life among other things is just so expensive considering you would always want the best for your child. So without a child you can actually save up money that you could use to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do in the future.

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