BAD habits that are actually GOOD for you

We burp, we sleep in for 13 hours over the weekend, we bite our nails, we crack our knuckles… We all have bad habits. Some habits we can try and kick out and some habits unfortunately we can’t help but accept and live with as part of us. The good news is that some of our bad habits can actually work in our favor and are good for us. Below are some of those.


#Chewing gum is actually good in a number of ways.Chewing gum helps reduce stress and tension. Improves oral health. Improves digestion but this is as long as you chew your gum after meals. You frequently swallow while chewing your gum because when you chew you produce excess saliva. This saliva produced helps keep digestive acids down in your stomach.

On a more scientific level, chewing gum is said to boost memory power and also helps to curb food cravings which may contribute to weight loss.

#Knuckle cracking– Apparently cracking your knuckles can have therapeutic benefits. There’s evidence that your joints get increased mobility in joints right after you pop them (however, this is a habit you should really try to quit because if you do this for years you can damage your soft tissue in your joints and eventually reduce the strength of your grip.

#Belching is good for your health. It helps relieve discomfort and bloating, prevents gas accumulation, relieves pressure, Aids in digestion by getting rid of excess gas and is good for the stomach. Note however that excessive burping is a sign of poor digestion.

#Oversleeping may help maintain a body’s vital functions, allows your skin to reappear refreshed and rejuvenated it may also help fight some medical conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Oversleep at least once a week may improve your long term memory.

#Fidgeting: Apparently when you fidget you are actually trying really to keep alert and concentrate on the matter at hand hence you are indeed exercising your brain!girl-biting-nail-in-indecision

#Nail biting: This is one of the common bad habit people have. The only best part about nail biting is that it is believed to actually boost your immune system. Apparently we pick up bugs when we bite our nails and these bugs help boost our immune system. 

#Spitting can help clear the throat for easier breathing. When the weather gets cold, saliva tends to thicken which makes it a little difficult for some people to breathe easily. In such a case spitting out the thickened saliva your throat opens for easier passage of air

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