Rapper Nelly leaves his urban days, turns to Pop-Country



If you’re looking for surprises, look no further. St. Louis rapper Nelly has left is du-rag image lately for more of a Pop-Country one.

Since his runaway hit album Country Grammar and his last, 5.0, the urban rapper has gone on a Midwestern vibe, one where you can pretty much see and even imagine tumbleweeds in his newest music videos.

First, it was Nelly’s collabo with country superstar Tim McGraw in “Over and Over,” now it’s “Hey Porsche,” a light pop-country track that fails to resonate with just about anyone but people who enjoy barn-life. The Rapper has even teamed up with country-duo Florida Georgia Line for a remix of their single “Cruise!”

Seems like Nelly is exploring a lot with his musical career, but it seems like his explorations are doing dismally for his career.

Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks: Do you miss the “old” Nelly, the one that use to make hits like “Hot in Herre?”


  • harry boyd

    nelly used to make good song I don’t want him to turn to cruddy country pop and over and over was not his best song ether his best songs were no 1 hot in here iz u err time and just a dream

  • Kenyan Nerd™

    Clearly the writer of this article has no understanding of music at all. If u did, you would have realised that what actually made Nelly succesful in the past, was how he infused Country Music style into his songs. Country music is his style, its what made him succesful. So ua article makes no sense. Do ua research well b4 postin on Capital Lifestyle.

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