Curvy Chronicles: Curves and Neon

(BY NJAMIO) Wearing neon is definitely a way to brighten ones mood, and can definitely bring out the curves on any woman’s body. How you wear it could be the tricky part. One may find a cute bright orange dress that may fit perfect but in reality when worn people may be left wondering if Halloween came too early. The huge task here will be to avoid looking like a giant pumpkin.

When it comes to neon and plus size women I would recommend taking advantage of accessories… only because it is hard coming across a good plus size neon pair of pants or top, (never wear both together).


Chunky neon bracelets or necklaces paired with neon shoes should do the trick.  I personally cannot get enough of neon shoes. Put those together and you’re sure to make your day brighter.

Stay curvy and confident

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