The worst places EVER for a first date!


Besides the first date being the most crucial date, it is also the most awkward of dates. What with not really knowing what to expect. Very high hopes of presenting ‘a most proper you’ and at the same time the need to be your real self. Awkward silences. Fear of choking on food or snorting as you laugh nervously. Horror of saying the wrong thing or having that very gauche moment that has something to do with an accidental movement of the hand, cutlery and the floor.

It is all so nerve-wracking. Still, that first date cannot be avoided. However, there’s hope.  If you want to minimize the awkwardness of that first date, there are a couple of places that you should NEVER take your potential girl. Otherwise you’ll just be left wide-eyed and inept wondering what that was that hit you so hard in the head.

-A bar/club
Whether you met in a bar or not, the first proper date shouldn’t be in a bar or a club. There is alcohol in a bar and alcohol has a way of impairing peoples’ judgment hence making them become somebody else. Both of you might present a different person from what you actually are to each other and in case you both have a little too much to drink you may make like guts and spill the unnecessary. And then there’s that chance that you will not pay much attention to each other as these venues are not the quietest.


-A concert or an out of town gig
So you both have plans to attend the same concert. COOL. Just don’t go together if it is your first date. Concerts are chaotic, noisy and what with a million and one people crowded in one place trying to inhale the same air?

With an out of town gig, women and packing clothes for even a day out can be pure tricks. Don’t go out of town together on the first date as she may just show you her true colors a little too soon.

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