Anger as Chris Brown smokes weed on Ghana stage


RnB superstar Chris Brown ruffled some stiff African collars this week after he smoked marijuana on stage smack in the middle of a performance in Accra, Ghana.

Brown, 22, was bare-chested more than an hour into his show on Tuesday when he told a crowd that was half-jeering and half-cheering him that nobody should tell them not to smoke weed.

After uttering the words, Chris proceeded to light a blunt on stage before inviting Nigerian musician WizKid to take a few puffs too.

The performance – on the eve of Ghana’s Independence Day – was as energetic as it was riddled with expletives, according to media reports.

Angry Ghanaians took to social media to vent their displeasure, with several pictures being tweeted showing him smoking up on stage.

Breezy smoking up on stage as tweeted by @Ma1ik
Breezy smoking up on stage as tweeted by @Ma1ik

The resulting uproar forced organizers to admit that ‘the incident was unfortunate’ and the Ghanaian Minister of State for WA Central piped in to condemn the musician’s actions.

According to Nigerian blog, Minister Rashid Pelpuo chastised the singer and said police should have arrested him for that.

“This is appalling. It is unacceptable. In Ghana we have laws and one of the laws is to ban drugs, be it marijuana, ganja, weed, or whatever it is being called,” he is quoted as saying.

The concert at the Ohenhen Staduim was mainly sponsored by IT Company RLG as a prelude to the launch of a Technology City Project called Hope City.

Tickets to watch Brown and a host of other Ghanaian musicians like D’Black were retailing at 100 Ghanaian Cidis, or Sh4,000.

(Source: Dstv online)

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