Kanjii Mbugua working on TV musical


Just a Man hitmaker Kanjii Mbugua is working on a musical dubbed Groove Theory that is directed for stage but will also be shot for television. It is a co-production of Kijiji Entertainment and Zuku, and is set to air on Zuku Africa.

The musical will feature university students who just want to do music.

There is Zamm, a 21-year-old, private university student who loves music but is struggling to find that soulful, unique musician in him while striving to keep his grades up, stand up to his parents and get over his ex girlfriend.

And there is Bryan, 23, also a university student. He was raised by a strict, but largely absent and wealthy single mother. He grew up on four continents and has become a musical genius. He taught himself to read music, he’s aced every audition he’s ever attended and his singing…well, it’s kept his romantic life busy for years.

He is nonconformist, always going left where others lean right. He has strong opinions on religion and politics. Still, he has an easy amiability and charming confidence. He considers himself a modern day John Lennon and a reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix.

It is not yet clear when the production will be aired or staged, as yet, but we will keep you posted.

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