In Pictures: Smirnoff paints Nairobi white

DJ Chucky (Kenya) & Shaun 'Banger' Scott (UK) Smirnoff ushered in 2013 in style, with a party that thousands will remember well-in to the new year, at the Carnivore restaurant on 31st December 2012.

Dubbed ‘The Night,’ the New Year’s Eve party featured, for the first time in Kenya, a 16-DJ line-up including international mix masters DJ Shaun ‘Banger’ Scott from the U.K. and DJ Dino Bravo from South Africa. Completing the line-up were the cream of local DJs Joe Mfalme, DJ Chucky, DJ Kaydee, DJ Riggz, DJ Klash, DJ Stretch, DJ Jean-Marie, DJ Frakus, DJ Wati, DJ 7, DJ E, DJ Denz, DJ Erik and DJ Cat, and one of Kenya’s most talented emcee’s Buddha Blaze

The all-white party saw revelers entertained from three stages with a mix of music ranging from kwaito to dance, house, international and trance, with the stages effectively creating three parties in one. To enhance the experience were features such as a boom-box techno dome, a teleporting wall allowing party-goers to ‘travel’ and get photographed at world-famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and Times Square Garden New York, U.S.A., signature Smirnoff cocktails and pyrotechnics.

“Smirnoff knows how to give the best of international night life to fans, and we believe that with ‘The Night,’ we’ve lived up to those expectations,” said Kate Katisya, Smirnoff Brand Manager in Kenya.

Here’s what you missed:

DJ Dino Bravo (S.A.) 4 DJ Joe Mfalme 2 DJ Pinye DJ Shaun 'Banger' Scott (U.K.) 4

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  1. Avatar SMH January 4th, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Trust Kenyans to turn up to an all white party wearing anything but white lol wheni hold my white only party trust me you will be turned back at the door if you are wearing anything other thatn white i don’t play with dress codes


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